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Founder / Designer / Creative Director of FOUND

Founded Profound Co. in late 2009 and successfully grew it to become a 7-Figure Global Men’s clothing and Lifestyle Brand. Sold online and positioned in many top luxury retail stores within six continents, the brand has become a highly sought-after staple name within the high-end Luxury Streetwear market and continues upon its trajectory of fixed growth.

The brand has also strategically garnered a strong online and social media presence and has been worn by many high level A-list artists and celebrities from Justin Bieber to Rihanna, The Weeknd, Odell Beckham Junior, Post Malone, Selena Gomez, to name a few. The brand has also partnered in collaborative projects with Global companies such as Pepsi, Urban Outfitters and American mainstream artists Chainsmokers and featured on notable press outlets such as Time Magazine, Fast Company and Forbes.

Through the years of the companies development, I have allowed myself to take part in each and every sector of its growth and have worn multiple hats throughout, all things from - Branding, Business Development, E-Com, Design Direction, Marketing, Sales, Production, PR, Writing, Storytelling and Communication.

All in all, my passion lies in a few things; self-education, business growth, design and entrepreneurship. After ten years of steady growth and being extremely hands on with each sector of the company, i’d like to invest a manageable portion of my time to assist others with their brands, businesses and projects to provide exponential growth and clarity.

I’ve learned and expanded my knowledge on every part of the puzzle in what it takes to build and grow a fashion/clothing/product company. I’ve dove deeply into each sector and have encountered and resolved almost every possible problem that comes with starting and building a company.

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