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Private Business Development Consultant

Focused Areas of Expertise: I can provide an extreme and measurable amount of value and skilled proficiency to a starting/growing business within the following areas:​


Creating and defining (re-defining) a brands purpose, story and narrative. Spending time to dissect and discuss why the company exists, what problem it is solving and what it wants to communicate to the masses. There are important fundamentals in building a brand that stand as core principals regardless of which industry the business happens to be in. All components from brand visuals, logos, imagery, content, etc are taken into consideration when observing the “branding” of a company.


I’ve spent thousands of hours studying, learning and applying my love for design into several categories including but not limited to graphic design, typography, website design, product, clothing, accessories, furniture, eyewear, headwear, tops, jackets, bottoms, denim, band merchandise, etc. Through my experience in multiple facets of design, I’ve developed a strong sense of balancing vision with sales data to create product that not only resonates with the customer base but also pushes the boundaries of what’s expected. I have a strong sense in understanding current trends and intelligently forecasting future ones.

Creative Direction

As the current Creative Director of two Multi Million Dollar companies including Profound Aesthetic and Grandis Construction, I’ve held full creative responsibility towards the vision, messaging, story, pur- pose, imagery, content, clothing and product design direction through both companies ten year history. My strongest area of expertise lies in being obsessively in tune with the industry competitors, demand shifts and willingness to spend the time to create stories, visuals products and design that is purpose driven and with the end customer in mind.


Fundamental points in building an optimal E-commerce shopping experience for customers of your brand. This includes strategies in what works best in todays market (in 2019) verses outdated prac- tices that no longer provide value and are saturated. I’ve spent a great deal of time learning what makes websites great in the age of internet shopping growth. Important facets to consider; on-site and off-site optimization, user friendliness, search engine optimization, where to find best web devel- opers and freelancers, how to maximize on website traffic to increase sales, best shopify apps that have worked for us in increasing our online business, shipping strategies and a comphrensive overview on all things related to selling product online.

Product Development & Production

I have 10 years experience in everything related to production and the process of bringing ideas to life and into physical form. This includes everything from creating tech packs of designs to finding the best factories to produce them and planning product strategically. This requires a unique skill set and experience in knowing what factors to consider within your search for factories, how to bring produc- tion costs down, where to find the best and newest fabrics and hardware, how to make sure your sizing charts are correct, how to increase profit margins and price your products accordingly, how to manage relationships with factories overseas and what to keep an eye out for in order to steer clear of all of the problems that I had to learn the hard way. Understanding the complete prodution process can be a nightmare as it presents a ton of problems but certainly helps to have the knowledge on best ways to navigate the space.

Sales Strategy

Prior to building a worldwide sales team of distributors within seven countries that manage Multi- Million Dollar sales revenues, I worked closely to create a sales infrastructure by positioning the product to be sold within the right territories and to the right customer based on research data. This process started from diving into strategy on how to locate buyer contacts, how to word sales pitch emails/messages to ensure higher response rates, how to build long term relationships with buyers and present them product which brings mutual value and how to manage sales deals from start to finish. There are many areas that require an intense amount of experience and skill including wholesaling verses retailing, perfecting sales tech- niques, dealing with distributors and sales agencies and truly understanding customer behavior in why certain products sell. Through my teams expertise in this category we’ve been able to position our brand within the top stores around the world.

Social Media

I have personally managed our blue check verified social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Face- book to create the most visually stunning content that not only captures the eye of the viewer but always creates opportunity for engagement. I have implemented multiple strategies to grow followers, increase engagement and assist website sales through social media marketing, influencer and celebrity product placements as well as other cutting edge growth strategies. Through this knowledge base, we’ve been able to exponentially grow our accounts and create long term customers that engage within our visuals, products and stories.


Creating narratives and visuals that fit the look of the brand and distributed content through the web that speaks to the story of the brand. Marketing is two fold; it’s broken down to traditional marketing and digital. I’ve done all things in this category from working with models, creating lookbooks and editorials, to learning what it takes to get onto blogs and within the pages of credible magazine to create growth and worldwide exposure towards the brands product and messaging. This category also includes one of the largest facets of revenue within any smart companies purpose which is digital ads, facebook marketing and gathering the data to create the most profitable marketing pitches and ads.

Celebrity Product Placement / Influencer PR

We’ve successfully built up an impressive portfolio of celebrities who have worn the brand over time and have created and nurtured key relationships with the industry to accomplish this. This adds a tre- mendous amount of value towards public image of a brand and opens a floodgate of further opportunities. This includes relationships with stylists, artists, musicians, managers, dj’s, etc. which have allowed for our brand to be worn by most of our favorite artists and with a marketing portfolio that continues to grow.

Collaboration / Partnership

We have partnered with global companies including Pepsi, Urban Outfitters, The Chainsmokers, to name a few and have created product line and events within these collaborations.

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